Poker Tournament Schedule

For online poker website-specific poker tournament info, the best place to go is usually within the software itself:

Full Tilt Poker has devised a detailed but easy-to-use method of viewing the complete tournament schedule within their own poker software. Basically, you get a big list of tournaments and you can narrow it down in many ways to get the exact tournament you want. Just in case you’d like all the stats, currently running and completed tournament info is also available. The software automatically brings you right to the tournament lobby where you get to see the prize money and  register for the tournament.

I have a neighbor whose husband is really into poker tournaments. I would really like to share this information and my own enthusiasm with him. However, we have had a falling out recently because of their unruly kids. I have never had “bad or unruly neighbors” before and this situation is really unpleasant and looks to be developing into a chronic mess. My neighbor’s kids are in high school although I now understand that people can have similar issues with even younger children. I have searched the web for helpful advice on unruly neighbors and have found some solutions. Among the sages giving advice people who warn not to be passive-aggressive or tell your neighbor what they’re doing wrong. Instead she suggests that you explain what you need from them. “Make it about you, not them.” she says. Well, it is about my not liking my neighbors teenage boys playing basketball on my driveway at 3 AM in the morning with a bunch of rowdy friends. I would think the parents would also be annoyed with the noise at that time of the night. I’m actually considering calling the cops, but who knows, that might just esculate the who situation. Or, I could just use a noise machine or wear headphones. I find poker tournments to have less stress than dealing with my neighbors. Any suggestions? provides a detailed section of their website devoted to tournament play, which features a basic info section and a constantly updated schedule section.The actual tournaments are accessed through the game software, which has less detailed information but makes it just as easy to access the exact tournament that interests you. Depending on just how picky you are about the details, you can most likely find a tournament starting any time you wish.

Whenever you put your money at risk, be sure to behave responsibly. Don’t bet when you’re drunk. Limit your losses and be strict about your limits. And never take out payday cash loans to gamble unless you understand the risks of the loan and the consequences of gambling losses.

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