I like to gamble and there are a lot of games that I know how to play. I enjoy most of them very much from time to time. I just don’t play most of them too regularly. You see every person has that one game the really gets them right in the week spot and for me that game is Texas Hold’em. I got started gambling at a very young age. I used to play around the kitchen table with my family for pennies. We all learned it because my parents thought of it as a life skill. Back then we had several games that we would play. It was usually dealer choice as to the game we would play.

My older brother was partial to no 7 card no peek. I guess there was something about the random nature of each player having their own 7 cards and on top of that it was very secretive because they were all hidden. he would almost always choose that. I always liked it too so it never bothered me when it was his turn to deal. My sister on the other hand always wanted to be the dealer in a game of Black Jack. That is all good but as people familiar with it know the dealer has the advantage in that game and it is also longer than a regular hand of poker too so when she would choose it I always thought she was cheating just a bit but whatever. Dealers choice means dealers choice where I come from.

When it came to be my dad’s turn to deal he would always go with 7 card stud. I really liked that game too. Each player gets 2 face down cards. That is followed by four visible cards. Finally each player gets one last card face down. It is similar to Texas but there are no community cards. There is a round of betting between each of the 4 cards that are delivered face up and another round of betting after the last face down card as well. Here is where it gets a little tricky each player can only use five of their 7 cards to make the best possible poker hand. It is a real fun game for those of you that have never had the chance to play it.

As for me, I chose Texas Hold’em. I absolutely loved it, still do as a matter of fact. The only real variation from seven card stud is that the four face up cards are community cards that everyone can use. Then everyone uses their own face sown cards to complete the best poker hand possible. More players are able to play Texas Hold’em with a single deck.