Free Poker Tournament

One of the best-kept secrets of the current explosion of online poker tournaments is that anyone can play for free. All of the best online poker rooms offer free play. Sometimes you can play right there online, but usually you just have to download and install their software.

There are a few ways that this can work, but the most common are “fun money” games and “freeroll” games.

Once you’ve got the online casino’s software downloaded and installed, you can choose to play for real money or “fun money”. This can also be called “play money”, and it may sound like kid’s stuff, but it’s actually a great way to enjoy many of the aspects we love about poker tournaments. You can sharpen your skills, for one thing — personally, I’m pretty comfortable on most types of poker, but back in the day I remember being fuzzy about some of the differences in Texas Hold ’em. Reading about it just isn’t the same as doing it, so I would have given my left arm for one of these “fun money” games back then.

Not only that, all of the other gadgets on your poker software still work — like, for instance, the buddy and chat functions. So say you have a fiend or two across the country and you both love poker but neither one of you has a dime right now. Forget about it! Just deal the cards and play all night long. You don’t have to call it “fun money” if you don’t want to!

On the other hand, the really exciting way to play for free is with a Freeroll. That way, you get into a tournament without having to put any money down but you still get to hang on to any “real money” that you win. How about them apples?

Sure, there’s a few minor limitations; sometimes the entry fee is simply deducted from your winnings and sometimes you have to earn freerolls by accumulating enough points from previous pay games. Sometimes the freeroll tournaments have smaller prizes than the paid tournaments. But often “free” really just means free with no strings attached. That’s why freeroll tournaments tend to fill up quickly.

If you can find a good free-roll tournament that is definitely the way to go. Just think about it. You can earn your way into a tournament that gives you the chance to win actual cash! That means they are just giving the money away. Sure it sounds simple but let me explain that it is not. You must have not only skill win but you also need luck on your side. If you can manage those two things well enough, You may just win BIG.

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